Being a producer of pure essential oil of agarwood and sandalwood of the highest caliber, Areej Le Doré is in a position of viewing the industry from the inside. This means that we are able to use some of our own exclusive, wild and organic oils, as well as having the opportunity to select the very best ingredients from reputable producers and suppliers from all around the globe.

Apart from high quality essential oils, absolutes and other types of extracts, Areej Le Doré uses some of the most precious and uncommon ingredients to draw a luxurious, colorful aura around the wearer. Each of our compositions consists of at least one ingredient that many have likely never heard of… be it a rare rose otto from Afghanistan, an exclusive, wild Malaysian blue agarwood oil, a unique, silky smooth oud hailing from Sri Lanka, or legally obtained, macerated deer musk grains from Siberia.

Oud, rose, sandal, jasmine and musk are probably the most common ingredients that appear as notes in many of the fragrances we know. Unfortunately, it is estimated that between 80% to 100% of the components in most designer and niche fragrances are synthetic. Synthetic oud, for instance, has very little in common with natural, pure oud oil. It may offer satisfactory performance in terms of projection and longevity… but it is lacking the distinctive character, olfactory horizontal and vertical depth, as well as the soul soothing effects of real oud oil. This is also the case with rose, sandal, jasmine, musk and myriad other scents. Sadly, in light of this rampant adulteration and substitution, the names of these precious aromatics have become meaningless titles, empty of significant content.

Founded by the extraordinary agarwood oil distiller Russian Adam, Areej Le Doré returns credibility and respect to the above mentioned aromatics. When we include a particular raw material in our list of ingredients, you can rest assured that it is genuine.

Each perfume we offer is composed by Russian Adam using rare, natural ingredients, with an occasional, gentle touch of high quality, synthetic materials whenever it is necessary.