Over the course of several years, Russian Adam distilled nearly a hundred different types of high quality, pure agarwood oils. He sourced, chopped, dusted and cooked agarwood (worth up to several thousand dollars per kilogram), ushering the release of tiny amounts of the most precious and rare oil known to man: oud.

Russian Adam’s obsessive love and deep captivation of the process of “agarwood olfactory rebirth” (essentially, the artful distillation of agarwood into oud oil) led him to recognize its great importance in fine perfumery.

He was fascinated to witness how a single ingredient behaves in response to slight changes. Over time, studying countless variables during distillation, he realised that our noses are able to detect minuscule nuances of aroma… and was then able to manipulate those variables in order to achieve a desired effect.

These subtle tweaks in distillation enable one’s soul to paint, to express oneself using a lone ingredient… this precious substance known as agarwood. However, Russian Adam soon realised that he had the desire to expand his medium, incorporating a wider range of exclusive and rare ingredients, in order to create even more complex pieces of art.
And thus was born the brand Areej Le Doré…

At Areej Le Doré, we choose only the best aromatic substances, many of which have been completely forgotten by modern perfumery, due to extreme rarity, prohibitively high costs and difficulty of procurement. We have the greatest respect for these materials that allow our soul and senses to paint a gorgeous aura around both ourselves and those who appreciate and value it. Desires, memories, feelings and emotions result from experiencing these Olfactory Compositions, the likes of which can not possibly be mass produced nor made-to-order.

We invite you to travel with Areej Le Doré on this olfactory journey and to experience for yourself some of these aromatic compositions… so that you too can awaken your own secret desires, meaningful memories, ecstatic feelings and blissful emotions.