How is Areej le Doré different?
from other niche exclusive perfume houses

● Areej le Doré is the producer of artisanal oud & sandalwood oils – the most precious aromatic substances known to mankind.
● Areej le Doré utilizes the rarest natural ingredients such as legally obtained Siberian Deer Musk. Most likely no other companies have a chance to use it, due to its scarcity and prohibitively high cost.
● In less than a year, Areej le Doré has gained success and has been praised by a large number of acclaimed perfume critics.
● Once an Areej le Doré perfume is sold out, most of it cannot be recreated again, due to the unique nature of the rare ingredients used. This makes perfume collectors all around the world treasure olfactory compositions by Areej le Doré.